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Micro Breweries

Before I start let me tell you that I cannot stand pretentious rubbish. Using synonyms and marketing talk to beef up a product line is hogwash. That is why I hate places like Porters Market and the biscuit mill. These places are fashion accessories and not the real macaw. Earth nature and craft market and farmers markets that are true to their vision rather than being bling are what I prefer.

That said I was told by a local microbrewery (Darling Brew) that there was a microbrew market at the biscuit mill. Fighting the urge to vomit I decided that my fascination with micro things like micro roasters, and micro mills, and micro bakers and recently micro brewers was a big enough motivation to see past the marketing rubbish.

So off I went, suffered a 1 hr queue, which I still cannot understand why they just did not move the crappy sitting tables out to the parking lot and make some space for clients.

Here is a list of brewer I found (some I have tasted before):

  • Camelthorn – a local rep of the Namibian brewery, no local website, just an email, which I have hyperlinked since they are to damn lazy to put a website up. I had their larger it was okay, for something that is not local, buy it is a one up mans statement rather than a real love for beer.
  • Napier brewer – who I had discovered online and they immediately referred me to the website, which is shitty, no online order, not real info, but the ale was not bad
  • South Yeasters – brew at home kit, the beer from these kits is not bad, but it is a little like making muffins out of those instant muffin mixes, you get no real feel for the art of making large or ale. They had no cards and their website is also home brewed it seems, but they have a list of local brewers, of which some where there.
  • Mitchells – had one too many of them already, not that I am complaining, so did not try them I think their ale is great. There website, is not so bad, but pushes their restaurant, not even sure how to order their beer online, but my local liquor store sell it.
  • Paulaner – one of my favourite places, I have had each of their brews, I like the white ale, once again their website pushes their restaurant rather than their beer, I have only found the weis beer in bottle stores. Their website also defaults to Germany. This is as bad as flysaa that cannot determine that is South Africa, real professional
  • AndUnion – I am sure these are the chaps that started bringing in the Gabriel range, and now are doing something else but I could be wrong. No website just a blog, I think this is actually their website. Also pushing their restaurant I think. Actually I think this is there website, but not sure since it is not listed on the card I had, once again no online order, so they seem to give a f…
  • Boston was there too – I like their Whale ale and their larger, website, and guess what you can order online, and they seem to give a f…,
  • The there was Jackblack, no card, as I could not face the pushing any more. I find this beer beter in draft, and okay in the bottle as long as you drink it in Cape Town. Otherwise it can be a bit like lump custard to drink, not enjoyable. At least, or should I say at long last a half decent website.    No place to order it online though
  • I think Birkenhead Brewery was there, love their stuff, but was getting tired of being pushed and I wanted to see Darling brew
  • Darling Brew, they had sold out, and good for them. I enjoy their beer, and will try trying it away from the coast soon. And aged beer, and their ale is out soon.

Missing was Dieu Donne Brewery, but I do not think they bottle their beer, I see also there is a brewery in George: Eden Micro Breweries, no information

By the way I found a website for the event, you be the judge it is as humbug as I think it is, nobody listed there, good marketing NOT!

Know of any more then leave a comment, keen to try any local microbrew. And please don't call it artisan or craft that is utter rubbish.

A link to look further?


Dyllan said…
Mitchell's Website is

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