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April 7 March – Reflection

The Reality I was unsure if people care enough to make an effort. I planned to join the April 7 March to Save South Africa from the Cape Town Town Hall to Parliament the next day. Arriving in town we could see things were different. We walked past the Market in St Georges mall and saw almost no one there.  As we carried on walking towards the Grand Parade we heard first the motorbikes, then the people. Even though it was not yet noon, the crowd that had gathered was substantial, a lot more than the legal limit of 8,000. I looked up the street and then realized that the crowd was very large, my insecurity that no one cared enough to make an effort seemed like a joke. After some politically charged messages we started a slow march towards Parliament via Buitenkant. It was a slow march with some politically charged chanting – but was peaceful. When we got close to parliament as we could I realized there were a lot of people there.  Perspective