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GridView and Item Template

When I first came across GridView I was unimpressed, there were a few things it did not do that a DataGrid did, and I immediately reverted back to the DataGrid. Over the last few days I have been working on the GridView again, and have found it a great tool. And most of what I have below applies to DatraGrid, and DetailView too. There are a few things that you should look at before giving up on it. The HTMLEncoding is the main thing I missed, which allows you to have html formatting in you data fields, and are displayed with them. Still have not figured out the difference between the two, and by heaven the help is one step away from useless. “This is used by programmers….” And same with the on events does not help to tell us it is used, not what raises it. However the main reason for my post is the ItemTemplate. I found out it is easy to add them in design view and then click on the GridView select the little right arrow click Edit Fields then click convert into a Template Field for t

Reflection of the alternative view for climate change

There are some that are so emotionally attached to alternative view as punted Ian Palmer ’s Book: Heaven and Earth , I decided to look at what I could find about this alternative view on climate change. After a lot of reading (hence my delayed response), I have come to the conclusion there are two main aspects of the people who punt it is conspiracy theory what environmentalists are singing. The first thing all these people agree (including Ian Palmer, one of the new voices to this sect) is that the climate is changing, what caused it is the debate. The second point they seem to make is that is politically correct to punt this. Firstly let us look at the climate change aspect of the argument; all scientists agree it is changing. Whether it is caused by a natural processes, an ancient volcanic eruption, alignment of the sun to the gravitational centre of the milky way, or the fact that industrial growth has spawned 5 million extra people in just over a millennium, who each have their

In honour of the world wide blog day for Climate change…

Climate Change, what are you doing to change your life? Climate change is something that if you are not aware is happening you have been living in a whole somewhere since the 70’s It is happening and the world is moving to towards a tipping point where mankind (not nature) will have created and environment where they cannot survive. There have been so many studies, and movies, and documentaries that if this is not the conclusion you have come up with then perhaps you need to read or watch more. Why are people not changing their lifestyle? This is the one that has perplexed many a person, in fact there has been a book or two written about it, and the theory is that we are going through the cycles of mourning. And at the moment we are in denial. The reasonable man in the street believes they cannot do much, and they are mourning their lifestyle lost. In some ways I understand this, because when in the 80’s there was a panic about the ozone layer and CFC’s, big business responde

Slaves to the Marketing Train ? Or the Internet offers choice freedom.

Before the Internet Marketing, is the only industry that I am aware of that does not have to produce concrete results, and can still succeed. Every marketer talks about branding, what is this mythical item? The first time I became aware of how branding is not linked to quality was when I first heard about products like Nakamichi , Lynn and Magnapan . These products were recognized by the worlds leading independent audiophiles, as best in class, but almost no one I knew had heard of them. Initially I thought oh well that is strange. The first time I heard music from a Magnapan, I was so blown away, I could not listen to my own HiFi, a NAD with AR speakers, without checking the cables, and connections over and over, to try and understand why system sounded like the radio in comparison to what I had heard. The Dawning of enlightenment Since 1995, I have slowly started relying more and more on the internet to make purchasing decisions. I have got to the point that if a product