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Upgrading your hard drive – without a reinstall?

Recently I ran out of space on my hard drive on my lap top. Knowing that normally this is quite a hassle to upgrade I delayed it as long as possible, deleting old movies and some music bought me some time, but I knew I would have to go through the hassle. By hassle I meant this: Use Windows tool to copy settings and data to a new temporary storage; Remove old hard drive Install new hard drive Reinstall windows. Reinstall all applications. Use windows tool to restore settings and data to new drive Spend days downloading all the updates and patches that where on the old machine This time while looking for the new drive I stumbled upon this thing by Seagate called DiscWizard. It claimed that it would allow you to clone the drive and then you can just replace the old with new boot an all is good. After a little research I decide why not give a go. So I ordered my Seagate drive (It must be a Seagate, Samsung and Maxtor drive, otherwise the software will not run). I also orde

The dawn of the rise of the machines has come - and we did not notice

Many science fiction writers of both book and movies have written about the dawn of the rise of the machines or robots or something. I believe it has come and gone and we have not even noticed it. Over three years ago Popular Mechanics asked if google had made us stupid, I think the question was valid but did not scratch the surface. Google has not made us stupid some computer analysis that dictates how software makes decisions has. Almost all of us are more and more dependent on computer systems in our daily lives, and we do not even notice it. Computer systems decide how we drive our car, decide how to control the traffic, decide how our orders for food are presented to another human and they also decide if we can spend our money to purchase it. We are restricted by visiting friends and colleagues by computer systems that ask for ID and want proof of our existence before we are allowed through boom gates and are given access to the precious places people live. And on a non d

Wells banana bread beer.

I find it fascinating that people go on about fair trade and organic, and then use flavourant. Surely complete lifecycle is no long a myth? Anyway I did not buy this beer because it had fair trade bananas or because Wells use their own mineral Water to make it, i bought it because it sounded diferent. How can something taste like banana bread, good old Mom's (or country bakes to be honest) banana bread? Well it cannot. the banana flavourant is the dominant banana flavour, hands down. Fake banana flavourant tastes like caramel banana rather than good old banana. Why use "Fair trade" bananas and then add fake falvourant? I know juicing bananas does not produce much juice, but surely you can get flavour using a beter method. Anyway enough about flavourant! What is the beer like? Well not like banana bread!  At least not any I have had. there is some caramel banana and it is interesting but it is interesting knowing that 98% or more of our body is space, and

Johnny gold Weiss beer

I could not do a Weiss set of reviews without good old Johnny be gold. Bottoms take on Weiss was one of the early adopters of a German staple. Almost Apple freshness comes through the wheat and yeast, perhaps almost well enough to destroy the yeast over tones, but not quite. Although this one I tasted was in the bottle I have had the draft versions and it is awesome to have it available when the pricings are few. Maybe it is not my favourite Boston brew but it is in the top 5.  aroma: 7 sweet subtle Apple Flavour: 8 - no the weath and yeast come through after taste; 8 - buttery and smooth Morishness: 7 - probably because of the after taste lingering you do not need to dive straight in again Will order again: 7 total: 37 It is a safe bet and easy drinking Weiss, when there ar elicited options. 

Paulaner Hefe-Weis dunked. Deal Weiss beer.

Another unusual beer. A dark take on wheat beer. I suspect either the wheat or the barley is roasted to get the taste and color.  This is a very enjoyable beer. I love Weiss beers and this is like combining the best of Weiss and a brown ale. The weath fruitiness is more stone fruit now and there is a hint of smoke.   Aroma: 7 Flavour: 9 After taste: 8.5 morishness: 8.5 will buy again: 8 total: 41 You must try this Weiss

Harviestoun Broken dial Amber ale

I am always a little bit nervous with the trendy beers and harviestoun deinately are one of these bearded ales. To me an ale should be inviting and enjoyable almost something to entice you to sit down and relax. The trendy ales are not in this category they like to surprise with almost red grapefruit and weirdness.  Th broken dial is one such ale. Hiding behind the word Amber it is still more ipa than anything else. As far as I am concerned you need to be in the mood to enjoy the se beers. And today I am not.  aroma: 7 - pungent 3 day old socks Flavour: 7 - dirty laundry and I am not airing it  After taste: 8 - and that is not a good thing.  Morishness: 2 Will buy again: 3 - if there is nothing left besides an iPA that is worse total: 27 I cannot go on any more about how much I dislike the modern IPA and this is no better, like a broken dial I will never learn not to order these I would rather drink castle. Let's hope the flowers do not die that I poured it on.  

Oak aged beer by Innes & Gunn.

Nothing can really prepare you for this beer. The oak comes through in dominant fashion. They say on the bottle there is vanilla and toffee. I could just taste oak. Almost like those wove and beer blends. Sting Chardonnay tones. Aroma: 8 flavour: 9 after taste: 9 morishness: 5 Will order again: 4 total: 35 It is worth have once. 

Cederbrew Sand Fish Weiss

Another weiss another day. I can really understand the myth/story that they used to drink this stuff adily instead of bread. What better way to get you RDA of carbs! This is an amaziningly clear and drinkable Weiss, especially considering Ceder say they do not filter it ! The beer has stong bread notes and subtle yeast, with mild fruit. Not quite as wiessy as a traditional Weiss, almost like a beginners guide to Weiss. Aroma: 8 Flavour: 8 After Taste: 7.5 Morishness: 8.5 Will buy again: 8.5 Total: 40.5