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My brief Android experience forced me to buy an iPhone

Recently I took my iPhone 4 in since once again I had cracked the screen, 3 times in 4 years. Firstly I must say I was slow to go to the iPhone, but once I did I was in love. Finally with one device I could really and simply manage all goodies. To give you an idea these are the applications I use almost daily: Email, for both company (Microsoft Exchange based) and personal use (Gmail Apps) Accuweather Audible iTunes Deezer Evernote Standard Bank App Browsing (using chrome) HAI (for home automation) Camera with sharing Not so often facebook and twitter too So once I got use to the weird Android interface I install all the above besides iTunes (I tried a few rip off products, we cannot use Google Music in SA at the moment so I was unable to use that, perhaps that was one of the reasons I was unhappy with the experience) and I was not paying another R700 for my HAI software. Besides that I was surprised that many features I considered standard were not there, I had to do