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News – News - News?

Today I heard that another 24 hours news station is going to be opening. What is this obsession we have with other people’s news? Are news channels the ultimate gossip chain, no longer do we have to rely on the grape vine of disrupted fact, now we have people who can report form the scene. But what has happened to the real news, the news that is of significance for more than a day to two or at best a week. When was the last time you saw an item on the news that was taking the world forward. Solving a real problem, preventing multiple deaths of fauna, floral or people (I think we are fauna). Take global warming, the green movement or save the planet for example, who is doing anything besides producing documentaries and movies. When was the last time you heard about even a celeb installing solar power for their house, or how a real person actually did something to save the world on a news channel? And when was the last time anyone took action because of news? The biggest effect this news

Sex the great leveler?

Once you reach the age where sex discovered, most of us are all are levelled by it. Almost everyone does it. But the question I have always asked myself is why. The experts talk about certain chemicals being released, the body going through things that are good for it etc. But recently I have been thinking that perhaps, just like songs, food and smells can stimulate memories, perhaps too that is what sex is. Should I perhaps say organism. But I believe that it is the actual act of sex the anticipation of what is to come (no pun initially intended) is what makes sex that great I remember reading somewhere that an addict gets addicted to the feeling of what is to come, the addictive gambler is addicted to the thought of winning, and actually is depressed by winning, since it means this spin of the wheel, throw of the dice etc is over. Well perhaps the feeling we have during sex is the same feeling we have when we do something we love, not lovemaking but the feeling we get from do

The Power of the Media

Have we given control of your lives to the media through the endless programs and real life dramatisms, advertising, sitcoms, 24 hour news. Depeché Mode worded it in “Let me see you stripped” when then said “Let me see you think without your television” Are we obsessed with other peoples lives to deflect from our own? Do we continually need the media to replace the classic town cryer? Perhaps the town crier worked because no one owned him. Who owns the press? The people who spent the most and have made it publicly more, made their deals so public that they become a brand themselves. When was the last time you remember reading an article or seeing a program on TV or hearing something on the radio that had a direct impact on your life today? In Supersize it the movie people remember that it was not the most complimentary towards a leading fast food outlet, they do not talk about the fact that the health company that was assisting the volunteer went under in the middle of the movie, or