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Piracy faster than booking a ticket on Ster Kinekor's Website

Mood : Frustrated - hair in clumps on the floor! In a recent post I compared the speed of booking online on the EXTREMELY SUB STANDARD Ster Kinekor site, on the mobile versus the PC. I was able to booked faster on my mobile phone then on my standard PC browser. I have however found one flaw with the online mobile site, you cannot select your seat. So in some of the movies you end up watching a movie so far away it is closer to what on your flat screen at home, and let us not even get on to sound! So we finally have a night off so we can go and see the King's Speech. I climb online to try and book and after 30 mins the site is still loading, not the adverts thought they load instantly. The adverts are for the additional revenue, they obviously desperately need since the website does not work. Perhaps they should look at dis-investing in theaters and become an advert broker. Anyway after pressing reload a few times I decided on another challenge. Is "pirating" a movie q

Open letter to SA Cricket – fix the middle order

After the match yesterday, where we were once again knocked out of a cricket world cup. Mike Haysman, asked Kepler Wessels, why does this always happen. I was disappointed in the answer and will not even list it here. The answer is simple, as South African cricket supporters we idolize the opening batsman and the open bowlers, and then cram the side with all sorts of all rounders, hoping that a cricket side will make. We do not concentrate on the middle order. I look at the great cricket sides and what is a common thread? A strong, dedicated middle order, and here is the funny part, we have one? So what is wrong? Well the problem is that we are so used to making our batmen that can bowl a bit, bowl, we have forgotten why they are there. JP, Faf and Colin Ingram are excellent middle order batsman. But we go on about how well they bat? And there are more that have not even made this side. If you look at the matches won the middle order have always done an important job. The English a

Conditional Formatting in Access and Excel VBA

I have been looking for a way to control the formatting of cells depending on the value of the cell, and the type of product that is listed in a grid. After looking around I found on MSDN a property called FormatCondition . Then using that I found the following examples: Adding Additional Conditional Formatting in Access with VBA - frice's WebLog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs Type Property [Access 2003 VBA Language Reference] Adding Additional Conditional Formatting in Access with VBA - frice's WebLog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs - .... Once I have it working I will post an update.

Ster Kinekor booking: iPhone versus Laptop..

Having only a mere 3 weeks ago acquired an iPhone I must say I am suitably impressed, this this is a mobile device that can phone a bit. The reception is not quite as good as my old N82 Nokia, but blow me away Henry the stuff you can do if fan-tam-tastic. But that is not what this post is about, and maybe I will in fact do a post on the iPhone. This post is about how quick you can book only with Ster Kinekor. Firstly I must state I am not a fan of the Ster Kinekor site, you have to put a full URL in does not work, they are more interested in selling tickets to people outside South Africa. So here was the test. from scratch, book a ticket on the Ster Kinekor site one person on a Laptop another on iPhone. Skill level identical (they where both me). Both machines share the same internet connection, since it is wireless, so speed is the same, So who one? Well believe it on not the iPhone by a mile. By the time I had booked and PAID on the iPhone I was still waiting to se

Fixing winmail.dat problem - specifically in Quickbooks

For months we have had problems with attachments from Quickbooks. Having looked down many avenues I think we have found a fix or few: (See below for update) Here are a few websites that help out: Microsoft Outlook/Exchange MS-TNEF handling (aka "Winmail.dat", "Win.dat", or "Part 1.2" problem of unopenable email attachments) KB958012 : When you use Outlook 2007 to send an e-mail message, the recipient of the message sees an attachment that is called Winmail.dat Essentially the summary is that there is a problem with Outlook trying to force Rich Text Format. so you need to turn that off. Mail users not receiving email in an Outlook derivative will have a problem. This format is called So: Go into Outlook On the "Tools" menu, click "Options", then click the "Mail Format" tab, and then the "Internet Format" button. Set "When sending Outlook Ri

Age is it all in the mind?

So I am told it is the nature of life that dives a process whereby we do and want certain things depending on our age.  Well I say stuff that. Our brain not our body is what drives us. Are the chemicals that existed in our twenties not the same chemicals and they should have the same effect on us. I believe that we need to make a conscious effort to do what we want. To say we like and want X. And then do what ever we have to do to get it. Yes the body may not be able to respond and do what we wish it to do with the ease that we used to. But it surely can be trained to do as we like. So we have to work at the endurance of the physicality of what we want to do. But the only requirers time, to do that. Our body may be week nut we can train it to do our bidding so that we can do with it what we want. What we determine to be out need. I believe that with the correct amount of training you can do what ever you want with you body to satisfy the needs you so require. Prove me wrong.