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Is the the best Microsoft can do? Windows 8 is still not here!

So on the 26th of October 2012 Microsoft released hardware and software for their new Windows range I have been so excited about this release, since their first tablet was released just after XP in 2003. Their tablet version was great it had a fantastic new concept Inking. I used this extensively from 2003 until recently. It allows you use a computer for computer stuff and also have the ability to use it to replace your standard A4 pad of paper. With journal and one note and later Evernote I had a device that could finally replace paper. Except for two things: Size and portability. Even with small laptops from HP it was still too big It took too long to go in and out of sleep mode These two reasons was why I think the product from Apple suddenly became the gadget to have. Everything you can do on an iPad can be done on a standard Windows tablet, but you need to get past the turning on and lug-ability of the device. . So this is why I was excited to see the new prod

Dharma ponderings

The Buddhists say we all have a purpose in life our or Dharma. This belief is a confusing one for me when looking at Buddhism. Most of the religion is about acceptance of all. Everything arriving is of the moment after all Zen is the epitome of Buddhism. This is what for me makes Dharma so un Zen. It seems to imply that we need to spend some of our life looking for our Dharma and then the rest of our life fulfilling it. I think you could spend your whole life looking for it. Never mind living it. Perhaps it is more of an acceptance that you are the one and only you (sorry Nic Kurshaw) and everyone Is the one and only them. Now that is a little more Zen. If we are supposed to spend time in silence the one thing that drives silence away from my thoughts is this obsessive belief that I am supposed to be something for the greater good with my life otherwise I have failed in some way. Over a decade When I was doing financially well for myself. Having started a successful business my

MP3 Downloading in South Africa - legal they say

This site claims that they are legal, and what better way to catch up you collection. After going to the Rewind tour realized I have never got round to buying some of the CD versions of the vinyls I bought in the 80s MP3 Obsession Personally I like and they do seem to be legal. Also check out