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A Quick Humus

As part of the Falafel recipe already listed, I never listed a Humus recipe, or more like how to make it. Ingredients Please note that my kids are very salt and pepper sensitive so adjust to taste. A tin of chickpeas, NOT drained 4 tablespoons of tahina (sesame paste) 2 cloves garlic, bottom cut off and pealed teaspoon of powdered cumin 3 or 4 tablespoons of lemon juice 2 or 3 tablespoons of olive oil salt and pepper to taste Method The one thing about Humus is it must be smooth. SO use a strong blender. Empty tin into the blender then add garlic, tahina, the garlic cloves and cumin. add the 3 tablespoons of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons. And blend. Not that I have kept on standby the lemon juice and Olive oil. This is because you may need to add it later when the blender is struggling. Blend or pulse until mixed, then taste, add lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste. Then blend again. If it is too thick add the extra olive oil You can also add powdere

RPC over HTTPS does not work anymore- FIXED!

Recently I have had a problem with RPC over HTTPS. It has worked for years, but suddenly users told me it was not working. If they had told me when I would perhaps have found it quicker but instead, I had to wade through all the documentation and goodies. For I tried to re set it up, that did not work. I tried reinstalling and that did not work. Eventually I founds this cool tool online Test Exchange Connectivity and when I ran this test, and expanded the errors I was finally pointed in the correct direction. In the IIS config of RPC. I click properties, and I saw that "Accept client certificates" was ticked. I unticked it and just like that it worked. By the was cool trick I learnt to check the connectivity was to Ctrl+right click on the Outlook Icon in the right of the tool bar and the select Connection Status... It then tells you TCP/IP or RPC.

Open letter to anti piracy movement

I am a big believer that you should support the people responsible for art and music by buying their product. I believe without support artists are not rewarded for their work. The problem I have is with the distributors, and why I believe that electronic distribution is the only way forward. In South Africa it is unfortunate that this option is not really available, but the methodology I have adopted is to get items electronically then order the hard copy via an on-line shop or similar sometimes not even opening the package, when delivered, although normally I like to read the printed material out of interest. Why do I prefer this. Well after I have purchased a product, I have to be subjected to the distributors advertising. I did not ask for it and why do I have to have it thrust upon me. Recently I order a few CD's I had downloaded and inside there was a advertising glossy, that is pretty easy to dispose of. But this is not the case with DVD's. Why do I have to be forced to

Very useful note about baking

I found this online at Assuming you are working with a well-balanced formula, when a cake falls, peaks and cracks, or has poor texture, the first thing to consider is the oven temperature. The next is the proportion of ingredients (how they are weighed or measured). Incorrect substitutions without adjustments are often the problem; jumbo eggs instead of large, all purpose flour instead of cake flour without making necessary adjustment, old baking powder. Assuming you are following directions precisely and has accurately weighed or measured the ingredients, the most common cake problems and causes are: Burnt on bottom with undercooked batter Cause: Inadequate air circulation in oven Burns on sides Cause : Uneven heat in oven Oven too full Oven too hot Baked too near sides of oven Coarse grain Cause : Too much leavening Insufficient creaming Use of liquid shortening Use of ordinary flour Oven temperature too low