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Recovering SBS 2003 after hardware failure - WOW!

Yesterday afternoon after 6 years of solid uninterrupted service my hard drive on my SBS 2003 server failed. I was pissed, the server had been telling me for about 3 months that it was coming, and I had just ordered a drive to mirror the system volume, and it had failed 2 days too early. My BAD. After calming down I thought well I better pop out and get a new SATA drive (or 2, to do the mirror). I had been backing up; using standard NTBackup, to an external drive (which I was alternating) and the backup has been reporting success. I also use SyncToy to backup the critical data to an external drive attached to my Laptop, so I was confident the critical data could be recovered. I saw a mountain ahead to climb as I was a bit worried about all the settings for: users firewall, RRAS, VPN, SSL certificate for Active Sync access mailbox data on Exchange my SQL Express data and the internal websites Once I had purchase a drive, I started loading the SBS box again. I googled to see if there

A simple how to export from TableAdapter to XML file

I recently wanted to import data from an existing system that is written in Access. The system allows for XML imports. Since I needed to do some background programming on the system, I opted to rather to it programmatically than use the standard export, since I would have to do it a few times, and also manipulate the data once it was imported and then exported. I struggled to find information on how to do this, so eventually decided to figure it out myself and this is how I did it: In Visual Studio I created a new project I added Connected to Access database using the Database Explorer, this created a link in the App_Data folder Then on the default page I allowed the user to place the file name, I then added a new DataSet, created a new TableAdapter, put the query I needed in there and Then in my code I exported to XML So the in Default.aspx It looks like this: File to Export to: < asp : TextBox  ID ="tbxCustomersToXML"  runat ="server" Width =&qu