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Ken Wilber, the four quadrants

From the Ken Wilber material the quadarnts seem to be an intrinsic part of his integral theory. Over almost 2 dacades these quandrants had matured. I googled them and though I woul place them here so that I can reference them (an hopefull others can too) From The Marriage of Sense and Soul: Integrating Science and Religion , We have this diagram: Then from Integral Life Practice this is a great one: And I found this oen that combines these: To understand these models you need to read or listen to the books, but essentiallty everything we as mankind has achieved so far, fits into these quadrants. Understanding that each area of developement and theory has some merit is the essential lesson that these are based on. In a previous post I posted states and stages these can be applied to these quadrants.

Having different config for local dev and remote deployment for web.config

I have been maintaining 2 different Web.Config files for ages, one for developement and one for live or remote deployed sites. This is to say the least a pain. When you deploy your website you then need to remember to either copy the old config and replace or you need to edit the live one with the correct connection strings and the like. While looking for a solution to a security related problem on a deployment of an ASP.NET site I came across this site: 2 Web Config files... The essence of this shows how you can have a core web.config then you can have a debug web.config and a depolyed web.config. To do this all you do is in your Visual Studio project simply right-click the web.config file and select "Add Config Transforms". If it is greyed out / disabled then check if two  files exists under Web.Config One called Web.Debug.Config and once called Web.Release.Config. These two files let you

Media Centre from an old PC, Windows works well

With all the media we use in our daily lives today, having a media centre in a house is almost becoming a necessity. The problem is even the cheapest media centre still requires some cash to be spilt. Toss the router idea I had to get a new router when we moved away from the super reliable, but now slow iBurst, and though I would be able to add a media server to the NetGear D2200 v3, but after getting the router to work as soon as I added the 1gb external drive it kept rebooting, so that did not work very well. I then remembered we have and old Acer Tavelmate C300 lying around, even though it is 10 years old I thought lets make that a media server. It only has a 100gb drive and a Celeron 1.5 GHz, but surely that would be fine) Linux, my Rs Anyway so knowing that it would take a little time I put an evening aside and start prep. Most of the sites recommended uBuntu, do I downloaded the ISO, fired up the LapTop and started installing. I was greeted with a message saying This k

Home button on iPhone giving problems, here is a cool way to get by

There is an accisibility feature that add a home button (and a few other things) if you know where to find it. From Settings: General Accessibility scroll down until Physical and Motor and then  Assistive Touch -> On Then you a soft home button that will display the below when you click on it:

How to list all open Estimates in Quick books

Every time you create an invoice and there is an open estiamte for that client, it asks you if you want to convert it, this is a great feature most of the time but sometimes what happens is that the client does not accept the quote or it changes or there is a reason the quote does not get taken. To change this pop up you need to go into the estimates and manually close them. But that means you need to finsd them. Here is a step by step way to do so: Click Reports->Customers->Open Invoices Click Customise Report Click Fitlers tab Remove Paid Status = No Add Estimate Active -> Yes (it is under the Fitler list) Click OK,  change the dates to suit Then click on each estimate and close them.' You can also go to: Reports->Jobs...->Estimate by Job Customize Report Add Estiamte Active under columns (if not there Under Filters Add Estimate Active -> Yes Click OK,  change the dates to suit

Mindfulness breathing from Mindfulness Bell

taken from The Sutra on Mindful Breathing This is what I have heard at a time when the Buddha was residing in the Jeta Grove in the town of Sravasti. On that day, the World-Honored One told the Bhikshus: “Dear friends, let us enjoy the practice of Mindful Breathing. If a Bhikshu knows how to skillfully practice Mindful Breathing, and does so consistently, he will find his body and mind peaceful; he will acquire positive investigations and reflections; his mind will be calm and pure; and he will have perceptions leading to Wisdom and be able to bring his practice to completion. “This is how a bhikshu should proceed: “Whether the bhikshu lives in a village or in a town, in the morning he puts on his sanghati, holds his begging bowl, and goes into town for alms round. While doing so, he knows how to protect his body and his six senses, his mind skillfully focused on whatever is present. After the alms round, he retu