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The therapy of fire

This weekend he had the second of what is becoming an annual event of burning man at Lucien's. Last year it was to some a watershed event (anti-pun?), marking the end of one period of life and a beginning of another. A year later I can say that is wonderful to recall the last year, remember its positives and learn from its negatives. There is something so refelective about burning an efergy, Fire in many ways cleanes the body, mind and spirit. Besides the philosphic response, it was great to have a fealing of community sharing in the food and goodies people had brought all washed down with a good beer and a great bottle or two of MCC. And once the man was burnt, you could wash it down with a fresh roasted specialty grade coffee and one of Zeta's awesome pancakes. Thanks and cheers

AJAX has a down side, or the perils of POST

I have just spent the better part of the day trying to figure out why code that used to work does note. I have been systematically changing my string handeling to the fast StringBuilder to try and speed up my site and change the RemotePost to the using a StringBuilder: I was getting an error on the Response.End and by using the browser debugs I traced it back the the stupidest thing. I had added a UpdatePanel and scriptmanager so that I could update the post status on the fly using AJAX and because this was there the form would not post :( after much frustration and gnashing of teeth, at the fact that in the old days you could get proper errors since the libraries were not so complex I solved the problem by removing the AJAX additions Now I can go to sleep, perchance to sleep. First a cup Quaffee Specialty Grade Coffee ...