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Jan Pampoen Spicy Pumpkin Ale

As a fan of the van der hunks and also aware that pumpkin more or less put micro brewing on the map via dogfish head. I was excited to see that someone else I,e, ceder brew, was producing one too. While the van der hunks is definitely a pumpkin ale this one the pumpkin is more subtle and not the. Dominant flavour. It is is someway a cleaner take on the brew and one that most people will like more that the van der hunks.  Aroma: 8 Flavour: 8 After taste: 7 morishness: 7 Will buy again: 7 total: 37

Cider of the time - Gargagista Pom cider.

Wow the cider has a lot of bubbles. Careful when you pour, make sure you do it slowly. It almost wants to explode.  This is a dry cider. Almost so dry you need another sip after taking a sip. Although it is aromaticmally subtle the same cannot be said for the flavour. It's like sitting next to the uncle I never had that stank of fermenting apples. I can see how Rahl Dahj's fantastic Mr Fix could smell Bean so far away.  Aroma: 6 flavour: 9 Mouthfeel: 6 (too bubbly) morishness: 6 will buy again: 6 total: 33 

Does a Kwak still taste like a Kwak without the Kwak glass

First time I had Kwak I had to give my left shoe to the waiter  so he would give me a fancy glass. Now to decide how good is the beer without the glass.  Well actually it's superb. In fact it is probably just as good as I remember it in the fancy hour glass shaped glass. It is rich with strong aroma and body and one that is very easy to enjoy more of.  Aroma: 8 Flavour: 9 After taste: 9 Morishness: 9 Will buy again: 9 Total: 44 Great beer by itself or with food. 

Maredsous Abbaye Triple

The beer comes in a similar looking bottle to Duvel so something makes me think it is some sort of deal that Ducal gas doge with some Abbey Brewers.  I had this beer about 2 years ago before I started stinking a lot more micro brewed local beers. I am happy to be reacquainted.  It is a very enjoyable almost brown ale. My score Aroma: 7 Flavour: 9 After taste: 9 morishness: 8 Chance of buying again: 8 Total: 41 I think this would be a great beer with a rich meal it has an intensity to cut through the richness with ease. 

Leopold 7

I first tasted this beer at Rock Such in Bergvliet. Apparantely they are planning to brew locally. But this beer reminded me why I love Belgium beers. It is almost tangy and fresh, while still having a mature almost spicy bitter after taste. After having this beer you realise that while the Cape Town micro brewery revolution is interesting it still has a way to go. A very enjoyable beer: Aroma: 9/10 make you want more Falvour: 9/10 intense and enjoyable After taste: 8/10 a little on the bitter side Will buy again: 8/10 Overall: 9/10 Total: 43

Liefmans cherry beer

This beer is all about memories about the people you enjoyed it with and the times you hmad its cherry is intense almost koolaid intense and that is what us so great about it. Only for special occasions and when having a spicy curry this is a very sweet beer and I love it. For the odd special occasion.  Aroma : 9/10 Flavours: 9-10 Mouth feel/After taste: 7/10 Morishness: 6/10 Will get again 9/10 Total: 40

Vedett Witt

This is one of my favorite Weiss or blind or white beers. It's Flavours linger between sips. romatkxky isn't Acosta the aebsar with a sweet fruity almost Granny Smith Apple. The whole path of the mouth is involve in the flavor with an almost Liquorice e type integrity. Aroma 9-10 Flavours 9/10 Aftertaste 9/10 Morishness 10/10 Will I buy again 9/10  Overall 46

Imported craft beer review: Lucky larger - opinion

Taste clean larger with little bitterness almost spring water clarity. Overall a good larger that is clean and enjoyae but nothing special. Nice bottle although should be called happiness since that is what the Buddha is supposed to be on a quest for happiness Aron's 6/10 Flavours 8/10 morishness:  7/10 Mount feel: 7/10 Will get again: 4/10 Overall 32

Young's Double Chocolate Stout

Perhaps I will perhaps I won't. I have been enjoying specialist or micro brewery (although some I think are not so micro) beers for a while now and have not kept a log. In an attempt to help me un fog my mind I'm gonna try write some thoughts on each wheni remember them. The first one to move me to do this (though far from the best) is the young' Double Cholocate Stout. My daughter is a chocolate lover (we'll I am too, but she was with me when I went to my favourite outpost of beer in Claremront Liquor City), so I choose this knowing that stout/porter is one of the types of beer I like. It was a little on the steep side, a little below R50 so I only took one. So is there a double Cholocate taste, well yes, but it is subtle. I think it is called double chocolate since it has chocolate malt, and chocolate flavoring in it. The stout taste does dominate it is a smooth beer with good smokiness and then a little of the chocolate taste comes through. It is not as gassy a