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Julia and Lucy’s Easy Tomato and Lentil Pasta

I am teaching my 7 year old daughter (Julia) simple meals to cook, so that she can cook her own meals. While she still requires a little help, and Lucy almost 4 years old always gets a tasks this was an easy recipe and it really did taste moreish. Ingredients Yummy Tin of peeled whole tomatoes (or you can peel 4 tomatoes, if you do not want the sugar that comes with the tinned ones) A Tin of Lentils (or about ½ a cup soaked overnight in 1 cup of water and a teaspoon of vinegar) Dried powdered Cumin and dried Basil One chopped onion About a teaspoon of crushed garlic A handful of fresh basil Pasta, we used spinach Tagliatelle (made using spinach juice) 2 x teaspoons olive oil Optional ¼ cup red wine Method Take medium size saucepan and place on stove, get it warm (should take between 1 and 2 mins) Add oil, add onions, and cover the onions with oil This must cook for about 3 mins While that is busy, blend the tomatoes and lentils, and a teaspoon of cumin, until

TILT - more

Things I learnt today the web.config file is the bees knees. It tells the website all the things it needs to know, where to find the extensions what to do with what. I works like other html tags with "<" and ">" and "</" and ">" See - to get some guidance, and believe you need it, knowing what the file does and knowing how are two different things. I am still not clear on it. One thing I can say is the version numbers for DLLS must match the version numbers on the DLL Also learnt what AJAX is Ajax (sometimes called Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a way of programming for the Web that gets rid of the hourglass. Data, content, and design are merged together into a seamless whole. When your customer clicks on something on an Ajax driven application, there is very littl

Some things I have learnt, that are Easy Peasy, about databases and SQL Express

The is real 101 stuff, but though I would blog it anyway. To create a new database is SQL Express: Run SQL Server Management Studio (if you do not have it download it from Microsoft downloads) Expand the connected database engine (if you are not connect to one then connect) Then right click on the Databases folder Click New database… Then fill in a database name and ok There is a new empty database. The data type to use for a new table in SQL express that is autoinc Create a new table Type in the column name Select datatype int In Column Properties click the [+] next to Identity Specification Next to (Is Identity) select Yes If you want to make that the primary key right click on the row and select Set Primary Key Oh and when you create a table it asks you to name it when you save it.