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The written word

It is always touted that the wheel was a major step forward in western civilization. Where the land is flat and rivers non traversable this may have been the case, but for me the written word is the most important concept that modern man has created. I believe that through the written word, rather than the word of mouth that has helped promote legend and possibly the big "R". Through the written word our knowledge has built up each generation, word upon word. It spawned the Renaissance, which spawned the industrial age, and the electronic age. Now the electronic age has spawned the internet and the internet has spawn limitless publishing of any quality (including the KAK here) and our knowledge spread per person is increasing and widening each second, of each minute of each day. Just take a look at the gigabytes of information that is stored on Gmail, or Blogger or Wordpress to name a few. We have either reached a point where knowledge is so accessible that it is becomi

Changing / Programming Samsung Voice Manager

Category: for the office If you have a Samsung OfficeServ, and you would are using the voice manager to let people select where to coonect to next.  Here is how you change the voice prompt: On the main console, dial: 509 * # 0000 0000 This will take you to to the system admin mode Press 1 for the current prompt the the VM is at box 2001 You can then press 3 to discard & rercord, 1 to review and # to exit To get into the program mode: Transfer 800 Passcode (eg 12811) Transfer x 2 Then the area you want to program Will update if I get more More add Nov 2010 Get into programming mode. Then to edit / review the forwarding  102 Select the extension you want to change. The one that works best is forward on no answer. Other program: 705 is speed dial Reset when the system is not working to reset the Samsung Office Serve go into program mode then: 803 The using the volume control find "System Reset are you sure?" pres