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Limiting belief system

Is it a limited belief to believe that we all have limiting belief? I would say not, I believe we are all aware of a belief that with live in a world of finite things. Is this why we apply this understand to out belief system? The only thing we should be limited by our own beliefs. Over the past few years, I have read a number of books that say we have unlimited power, we have the ability to change anything, the biological structure of our cells, the path our life is taking, the relationships we have, our own intentions. The most fascinating thing about all these books, is even the authors themselves cannot believe what they have found. And that is my point no matter how much we learn that the pie is bigger than we think, and our potential is greater then we have told ourselves it is, even when science is on our side and experiment after experiment shows us we can be limitless, we limit ourselves. Is it because of comfort? In a limited world we feel comfortable, we get to know the var

Famn Daminly

In my twenties I remember being at some family event, and I heard the words "family are always there, they are who you can rely on". I remember thinking to myself "only in desperation would I rely on my family". I had, and still have a small but tight friendship circle and if I ever need anything or wanted to spend time with somebody, or wanted to call someone in the middle of the night my mates were and still who I would call.   Today almost 20 odd years later I have been thinking about the importance of family again. Friends have no duty to you to hang around, when your paths cross and you get on, then you share some memorable moments with them, and sometimes they are in your life while you at the same work place, sports club, gym, block of flats etc, sometimes for longer. We spend probably more of our happiest moments with our friends, but who can say their mates that they wanted at the weeding or 21 st , or 30 th are still around. That said I am still more