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String index array to calculate totals using Dictionary type

Thought I would document this, since it took me a while to gather all the information to do it, but once I got it, it was very useful. I searched things like how to create a string indexed array and, multidimensional arrays and lists to eventually find the Dictionary Type, very powerful, and you can link it with objects/classes and lists to extend it. Essentially I was running a SQL query where I am building a complex table using a number of conditions, and could not use GridView because of that. But I also wanted a total at the bottom. So created a Total Table in the asp page. Then in the code file this is what I added: class ItemTotals {   public string ItemDesc { get; set; }   public double TotalsQty { get; set; } } //---- // code to run query... which returns into oleData //---- string _strItemDesc = oleData["ItemDesc"].ToString(); if (sumItemTotals.ContainsKey(_strItemDesc)) {    sumItemTotals[_strItemDesc].TotalsQty += Convert.ToDouble(oleData[

Reward the Artists direct. Pay them their dues.

Having grown up with a musician that made very little money from his albums, and had to keep his day job, I am very anti piracy. I was excited to finally have iTunes available in South Africa, only to be told that the artists get a fraction of the money that we spend on the music and videos we download. Apparently artists submit their creation to so large body that then makes it available to all services and they take a large cut. Only if the artists hit certain targets do they make any money back. This is a little like piracy as far as I am concerned. I know there are many cogs in the machine, but surely with digital distribution there should be more reward to the artists. Site to get music direct Anyway an artist told me about a site they use. Bandcamp . This site lets artists upload and share their creations and charge what they like . Then you as a lover of music or anyone can download the music and pay the artist direct. And best of all you can listen to it online.

Alternatives to iTunes

Okay so we have all heard everyone whining about iTunes, the main problem for me is that it is only designed for iXXX items, and hence you are tide into using Apple stuff, I like to move my tech around, and see no reason to have to upgrade with in a manufacturers ambit. And now with the new iPhone not working with any of the old iXXX cradles I am keen to move on. So now I need to replace my iTunes, I have spent a lot of time creating play lists and groupings, and storing MP3 tags and do not want to lose these. Songbird v2.1.0 Build 2419: This seems to be a popular choice when I search for an alternative, so I downloaded it. Their claim: Songbird. Connecting Fans Everywhere! With a focus on fans, Songbird personalizes music content from the artists you love the most. Download here: Positives Relatively small download, quick install Imported iTunes Library fine Static Playlists imported are there Tabbed view at the top seems to Negatives It seems very clunky and the i

A UML Tutorial Introduction

Looking at UML again, it is one of these things that I will eventually have to do, if I want to do a more universally readable design After finding this: I then go to this: A UML Tutorial Introduction And then this: Will have to just buckle down and get on with it.