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Reward the Artists direct. Pay them their dues.

Having grown up with a musician that made very little money from his albums, and had to keep his day job, I am very anti piracy.

I was excited to finally have iTunes available in South Africa, only to be told that the artists get a fraction of the money that we spend on the music and videos we download.

Apparently artists submit their creation to so large body that then makes it available to all services and they take a large cut. Only if the artists hit certain targets do they make any money back.

This is a little like piracy as far as I am concerned. I know there are many cogs in the machine, but surely with digital distribution there should be more reward to the artists.

Site to get music direct

Anyway an artist told me about a site they use. Bandcamp. bandcamp This site lets artists upload and share their creations and charge what they like.

Then you as a lover of music or anyone can download the music and pay the artist direct.

And best of all you can listen to it online. Instead of all those internet radio stations that play the same stuff you can listen to a new artists.

It would be great to see this site higher on the search engine sites, I google and binged to try and find it and then eventually had to text the artists again to get the link name.

This may be why they are not well know, but it would be great to see a site like this do well, and the artists to get rewarded.

If you know of other sites that do the same thing then send me a comment.


The genre search is very limited, there is no people who bough this also bought this recommendation, there is also no recommended playlist. Would be great to see that.

Links I was sent

After I posted this I was sent this link How The Music Industry Is Killing Music And Blaming The Fans


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