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Where there is a will…

The eagles have really dealt with this before, in their song "get over it". I am amazed that every day there are people that blame something for the reason they have not succeed. However looking around you see many, many people that have achieved a lot more even though they have started with less than those who are very good at pointing fingers. In fact almost every self-made successful person had to fight adversity to get to where they got. I seldom hear a successful person blame other people for things, they normally get their nose down and graft through anything thrown in their way. What has driven this sudden entry, well I meet Michaela Mycroft in 2006, just as The Chaeli Campaign was getting going, and this week she won an international peace prize and she is only 17. Many for more abled bodied people should look at her and see that it is the mind and the determination of spirit that is important, rather than concentrating on the whys and why nots. Congratulatio