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iTunes song purchased on iPhone not showing in the library, only show purchased

I recently purchase an album on my iPhone, and then when I wanted to mke sure it was in my iTunes library it was not there, but in the Store I found it and it said purchased. If I clieck on Check for Available Downloads, it said nothing. After some search i found this: Which had this fact: " Music can't be redownloaded in all countries, so depending upon where you are you might not be able to redownload music. If music does show as a category, but not that album, then is it hidden : " I then connected my iPhone and saw that to copy a purhcase your computer's iTunes via File > Devices > Transfer Purchases

Restoring music to iTunes from you iPod

There are many posts telling people what to do to restore from the iPod, but just though I would post what worked for me. here is on of the beter posts: The one I used was CopyTrans. You do need to enable direct access in iTunes to the hard drive on the iPod. It restores the data to your ITunes library.

Quality as a measure

I have a question for Joe Soap out there, do you need price to dictate quality? How do we determine if something is quality? Well it by assessing the product and comparing it to other products and developing a subjective perspective on the products, then determinng which product is a beter quality.  Well that sounds logical but does it work like that. I saw a test on mind games where they took the same wine and presented it differently, using price and packaging as a guide. And guess what the more expensive the consumer was told the wine was the beter they thought it was even though it was the same product.  This is a quite sad. Is. Is it based in the fact that we are unable to determine quality as a measure without a pricing and packing as a guide? Do we need others to tell use what is good and what is not? We all say we have our own choices but do we? Recently this came to light when I discovered that people were sure that a product that cost more was beter when in fact it