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Category: Ponderous When ever you talk to "life coaches" they talk about balance. What is balance, well it is there way of saying spend more time on personal things. That is not balance that is spending more time on personal things. Balance is what people tell you to get, when you are spending too much time trying to ensure that each day when the bills come you do not have a panic attack. So let's say you decide to take some personal time – get more balance in your life. Your read the secret you have the vision you write the goals, you project your positive thinking, and you believe in attaining the goals you have set. The question is what then. Balance implies there is a fulcrum and, and to much of any time on the one side of the fulcrum, is going to tip in other way, surely believing in balance is in itself a limiting belief. What you need to strive for is a pie chart of your time spent the way that is most beneficial to you as a person. The real limit we have is time (