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Dad's Day Outh May 2012; Greenpoint Park

There are a number of things in life we take for granted. At the same time if you do not sit up and notice you can miss the best parts of your life. With this in mind I decided to approach some other Dads I knew to do what I wanted to call Dad's Day out ( I have since found others calling it this, like Cape Town's child) The rules where simple, no Mom's only Dad's. After about a month of emails back an forth we set a date and a venue The Venue was Green Point Park in Cape Town, which was only opened properly just over a year ago. The kids ranged from almost 3 to almost 8, and we meet with picnic baskets and blankets and the obligatories when having kids. Most of the Dad's remembered to bring the kids bikes, so they kids had fun cycling or using their scooters then we went to the junior kids park to meet, and once we had assembled we then moved to big children's park, which is rated 6 -16 but kids under 12 are allowed if supervised (I know it is a little

Programmatically send email in Access using VBA and Outlook

When I first wrote my early Access system I used a function I setup in Outlook and then I called that. On upgrading I had a few problems with the older method then I found some help on the MSDN website here... and the related video. The first thing to do before starting the code is go into access, access the VBA (press Ctl+G) then click on "Tools" The "References" and then make sure you scroll down to "Microsoft Outlook ..." the version there will be determined by what version you have installed. This the code that I ended up with after looking at the site above Private olApp As Outlook.Application Private olNameSpace As Outlook.NameSpace ' The basics of this from MSDN site ' Private Sub InitOutlook()  ' Initialize a session in Outlook   Set olApp = New Outlook.Application   'Return a reference to the MAPI layer   Set olNameSpace = olApp.GetNamespace("MA