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Bouch, through my eyes - a quick thought or 2

Luckily I was on holiday when my wife bought me the book by Mark Boucher: Bouch through my eyes. I was half way through another book, so finished that and started with the book. I love cricket. I have tried to wean myself off the sport, like I have others, but when it comes to cricket and especially test cricket I cannot continually check the score, or try watch on TV. I love playing sport more than watching, but with cricket I am definitely better at watching then playing. I did play club cricket for about a decade, but only after I turned 30. And action cricket does not really count. There is something special about the game. I was once told that cricket and fish are similar, a whole lot of people in the same vicinity involved in a similar quest. That is not it, there is something special about spending a day and half with people then laughing about a plucked catch or the bowler that took a fiver with all wickets caught in cow corner. It is hard to explain. About the book, Read

How do we learn, live and appreciate?

preceptions as I know them today 10 Dec   There is a lot to take in every moment, but it is strange that only one of them relies on ligusitic skills. Using ken Wilber 's terminology: Eye of Flesh Eye of Mind Eye of Contemplation The Eye of Flesh Is how we perceive through our sensors. Typically we are learnt we have five, but it now a much longer list.This is one: humans-have-a-lot-more-than-five-senses , I first heard a list on the QI program. This is the main way we perceive the world, before we could talk the eye of flesh was working and it works until we die. We can put its working in to words, but lingistically we cannot fully describe it and we cannot know that others perceive it the same. There are common words like hot and cold but theses are merely pinters or signposts. The eye of flesh is our most basic and most accepted form of perception. The Eye of Mind The eye of mind is thought, how we organize it how we think etc. This is normally done in our hom