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Deepak Chopra 7 Laws of Success

Deepak Chopra 7 Laws of Success Follow the link above to read a good summary of these intrinsic laws. They are relatively simple concepts, but getting you head around their deeper meaning is where the essence of the laws can be found. Oh and by the way there were written a long time before the so call Secret. The Law of Pure Potentiality The Law of Giving The Law of Karma (or Cause and Effect) The Law of Least Effort The Law of Intention and Desire The Law of Detachment The Law of "Dharma" or Purpose in Life

In denial of the great World Wide Web

Category: Rant I cannot get my head around the fact that people would rather waste money and time calling people, who they found on the internet to ask them to do something, when the website they found the person can everything they want for them. It does not mater how money frigging buttons, menus and controls you put on they cannot apply their mind to clicking on them, rather they just call the first telephone number and that is the job done. We live in a world dominated by people bobbing on the see mediocrity, are they not interested in taking control and living their life, rather than relying on some one else to do the job for them. When I was growing up I though the general group female was hard to understand but I cannot fathom the general group of web users, who see to go backwards every week rather than forwards. The thin has been popular for the better part of a generation and still… FRUCK is all I can say