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Some tools for checking code

FROM:  Why Coding Style Matters | Smashing Coding Tools To Help Don’t be afraid of using tools to help enforce coding style. Web developers have an unprecedented number of tools at their fingertips today, and many of them can help ensure that a coding style guide is being followed. These range from command line tools that are run as part of the build, to plugins that work with text editors. Here are a few tools that can help keep your team on track: Eclipse Code Formatter The Eclipse IDE has built-in support for code formatting. You can decide how specific languages should be formatted and Eclipse can apply the formatting either automatically or on demand. JSHint A JavaScript code quality tool that also checks for stylistic issues. CSS Lint A CSS code quality tool by  Nicole Sullivan  and me that also checks for stylistic issues. Checkstyle A tool for checking style guidelines in Java code, which can also be used for other languages. These are just a small sampling of the tools