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Integral life practice a perspective, if you have a heart beat buy thisbook

In the last year I have spent a lot of time reading and researching many books by some brilliant authors. James Hollis, Deepak Chopra, Wayne dryer, the Dali Lama, Ken Wilber,  Caroline  Myss  and Ekhard Tolle to name a few. No this is not a name dropping exercise but rather an introduction. Add to that the many leadership and google talk and sounds true self acceptance videos I have watched and listened to over the last year, and my mind is still searching for my own perfect porridge like Goldilocks, but I feel happier doing it.  I would still recommend that each individual, goes on their own internal quest to try get a better understanding of themselves, their ego and their own spiritual beliefs.  But I think that any logical individual needs to look at the book "The Integral life Program" by Ken Wilber and co. Why is this book a must. Well it firstly breaks things down into easy to understand sections of life. Namely mind, body, spirit and shadow. This to