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What me worry OR how not to worry

Worry is it worth it, or how to not worry Turning worry in to concern is what you would like to do with all worries, heatlh, wealth, love and life. Here are some thought I have gathered in understanding a Anxious part of my life, and how to get around it: William Janes quote; “When once a decision is reached and execution is the order of the day, dismiss absolutely all responsibility and care about the outcome” from MAD magazine An attitude we wish to adopt. To deal with worry: - gather facts objectively as if you are an outsider - use those facts when the thing you are worrying about actually happens. Action List - create a plan to stop worry From Gayland Richie: four questions to answer. You must write down and answer: 1. What am I worrying about? 2. What can I do about it? Write down scenarios or facts 3. What am I going to do about it or here's an action list 4. When am I going to start doing it? So look at facts. Write down the questions to the ans

Motivational Ideas

There are many motivational people out there, and many techniques. Over the last month I have had to reflect back on this stuff and look for new messages from old. Whether it be John Kehoe, Louise Hay, Depak Chapra, Dale Carnegie or the secret there are some principles that seem to stick out. Learn to appreciate yourself. Louise Hay says look in the mirror and say to yourself something like this I am wonderful intellegent and a beautiful. Watch your expressions and see at which point you stop believing if at all. If there is a point then that is the point at which you are running through a negative message that has been planted in you by your past. Affirm it 5 minutes at night and 5 minutes in the morning, to release that negative message. This will help rebuild the cognitive pathways to reverse the negative. Appreciate what you have, your health, your position, your friends and give thanks for it Use the belief that "Only good lies in front of me" Also write down what