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Dharma ponderings

The Buddhists say we all have a purpose in life our or Dharma. This belief is a confusing one for me when looking at Buddhism. Most of the religion is about acceptance of all. Everything arriving is of the moment after all Zen is the epitome of Buddhism.

This is what for me makes Dharma so un Zen. It seems to imply that we need to spend some of our life looking for our Dharma and then the rest of our life fulfilling it.

I think you could spend your whole life looking for it. Never mind living it. Perhaps it is more of an acceptance that you are the one and only you (sorry Nic Kurshaw) and everyone Is the one and only them. Now that is a little more Zen.

If we are supposed to spend time in silence the one thing that drives silence away from my thoughts is this obsessive belief that I am supposed to be something for the greater good with my life otherwise I have failed in some way.

Over a decade When I was doing financially well for myself. Having started a successful business my Gran told me how proud she was of my success. That I had never shown much promise as a child and she thought it was fantastic to see me successful against all odds.

At time, all I could think was if I was a.Buddisht monk I would not see myself as successful. I had not transcended my physical need for physical things.

I still feel that way. Even though to day I believe more in doing things for passion, my original drive for capital goods although diminished (through some fulfillment) still exists.

I find that my quest to find my dharma has become almost a thorn in my side. I keep asking is this it. It is said that when you find you Dharma affluence in all states of life flow to you.

If this is not happening then does that mean it is not? Perhaps then to be Zen about it, you heed to believe that this is it and then It will be it.

We are this, this is this and that is this as the saying goes.


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