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Sex the great leveler?

Once you reach the age where sex discovered, most of us are all are levelled by it. Almost everyone does it. But the question I have always asked myself is why.

The experts talk about certain chemicals being released, the body going through things that are good for it etc.

But recently I have been thinking that perhaps, just like songs, food and smells can stimulate memories, perhaps too that is what sex is. Should I perhaps say organism. But I believe that it is the actual act of sex the anticipation of what is to come (no pun initially intended) is what makes sex that great

I remember reading somewhere that an addict gets addicted to the feeling of what is to come, the addictive gambler is addicted to the thought of winning, and actually is depressed by winning, since it means this spin of the wheel, throw of the dice etc is over.

Well perhaps the feeling we have during sex is the same feeling we have when we do something we love, not lovemaking but the feeling we get from doing something that actually drives us.

What the … (another word for sex)? Well let me explain this.

Lets say you love doing maths (I know this is a stretch for some people), but stay with me. Assume (and there are many assumptions is maths) you have been working on a problem for a few hours. Suddenly you have a great idea, and figure out how to solve the mathematical problem. That is the feeling I am talking about. That feeling we all get when we are supporting a team and it is seconds from the end of the game and our team can do nothing else but win.

I have heard it called the winners feeling. Now sex bottles that, and then reminds us of it, and all we have to do is find a willing partner (hopefully your wide or partner).

So why am I rambling on about this? Well I think that most of us are not sure what actually really makes us happy, we have moments of happiness, and moments of excitement, but are not sure what truly makes us happy. And that is what sex does, it gives as a temporary feeling of being all powerful, meaningful and happy.

Now I ask you this. Rather than using sex as a replacement (as good a replacement it is), try and find what it is that will give you sustainable happiness. And DON’T think material things, that is RAP with a “C”. Material things give us temporary happiness like sex (hum…)

Try and find what makes you happy. Then I promise you make it your business to make a business from it, even if it means getting other people involved that like doing things you don’t that you need done


tthtts said…
Sacre Bleu ! So sex puts us all on the same field ? I had thought that sex is the reason for us all. Perhaps it is in those brief moments that we are one with all and in that instant, we touch the intangible.

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