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The Power of the Media

Have we given control of your lives to the media through the endless programs and real life dramatisms, advertising, sitcoms, 24 hour news. Depeché Mode worded it in “Let me see you stripped” when then said “Let me see you think without your television”

Are we obsessed with other peoples lives to deflect from our own?

Do we continually need the media to replace the classic town cryer? Perhaps the town crier worked because no one owned him. Who owns the press? The people who spent the most and have made it publicly more, made their deals so public that they become a brand themselves.

When was the last time you remember reading an article or seeing a program on TV or hearing something on the radio that had a direct impact on your life today? In Supersize it the movie people remember that it was not the most complimentary towards a leading fast food outlet, they do not talk about the fact that the health company that was assisting the volunteer went under in the middle of the movie, or the fact that correct dietary recommendations on the TV get less than a 10th of the air time to the next closest food diet.

Enough about diet. What about the other items in our lives what we aspire, like Pink Floyd said “we told you what to dream” in Cigar of “Wish you where here” or “get your hands of my stack”

Why is it people build empires that are bigger than countries, but still spend more time with their co-workers than their kids, whose dream are they living who told them this was correct. The money is in the bank, but is the glory not the well adjusted child or the functional person who is running the show.

You think I have lost it? Next time you buy something ask yourself who told you too. When was the last time you made a decision of free will.


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