Telkom is the most expensive way to communicate

We all think that a Telkom call is cheaper, but what is always left out of the calculation is the line rent.

What is this line rent? Paying rent for a line that was laid years ago, to a place near your place of business or house. Okay so there is some maintenance. Do a little maths an you see why Telkom have been in the the top 5 highest dividend yield companies for the last few years.

Next look at the number of calls you actually made, for this exercise add them all together including the cell calls as well.

I run a small business and because I have to, I have a ISDN line, so we can have two lines. On average over the last 3 months I have made about 100 calls a month on this line (including redirect to some of my agents cell phones). We make more cell phone calls than telkom calls.

I have taken the last three bills added them together and divided by the number of calls made (rounded up to the nearest 10. Guess what it is costing PER call R5.296. OMG as any good American would say. That is mad! Yes there are a few calls that were over a 2 or three minute threshold but most are quick.

So I looked at my home bill (my wifes mother will not call cell numbers so we have one JUST for her). I have no ADSL, and no extra feature just a plain rental.

On average over the last three months cost per call is a little better at R3.43. Still

In summary I recon, unless you are the kind of person that yak on for 10s of minutes Telkom is the worst option.

I am looking at putting in a cell router for home, and giving my mother in-law R50 in minutes a month, and I bet we will save over R1,000.00 a year