Access conversion NOTE1: default DateSerial in VBA/Access to SQL

I have started slowly converting my Access database to SQL. The reason is that I would like to take the application online.

After trying to use Access's (version 2007) transfer tool, which did not work that well. I found Microsoft's SQL Migration Assistant 2008 for Access, nicknamed SSMA. Which you can download here.

When you install there is a niggle about the license, which you need to download into their specified directory and it must be the name they provide.

So about the create table. My one table would not convert and I could not see why. After looking at the SQL command I saw the problem was the use of DateSerial. I googled a few sites and could not find an answer

The CREATE TABLE line was:

[RequireUntilDate] datetime2(0) DEFAULT DateSerial(1980,1,1) NOT NULL,

I clicked on the whole command and copied it and then in SQL Server Management Studio, I tried to create the table and found that if I specified the date in US date format it worked:

[RequireUntilDate] datetime2(0) DEFAULT '1980-01-01'  NOT NULL,

I created the table a migrated the data, and it worked like a charm.

Now I have to sort out all the other errors ;)