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Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency – what is it and how can I benefit

What is it I started investigating Bitcoin when it was worth just over $1000 a bitcoin. I was interested in what it was and how it worked. A lot of people are saying we missed the boat, but I believe that everyone should at least try put a little money in now, or at least use a faucet (see below) to make a little micro-currency.

You can read a Wiki article about bitcoin and its history etc. But what you need to know is that it is a currency, that is independent of country. No one really knows who invented the concept of a cryptocurrency since the person who published the paper used a nom de plume.

All new cryptocurrencies work more or less the same way as Bitcoin. So as I explain below I interchange these terms. Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency.
How Bitcoin works The currency releases a coin based on a mathematical formula. There will never be more than 21 million bitcoins (other cryptocurrencies do not work like this). Each bitcoin can have divided into one hundred millionth…

April 7 March – Reflection

Problems updating WordPress site (fixed)

If you are having problems updating your WordPress site there are a few things to check.

WordPress Site says it is under maintenance If the update failed you may find there is a problem accessing the site, where it tells you it is down for maintenance. To fix that delete the .maintenance file in the root of your WordPress folder.

Set folder rights If the WordPress update or plug updates do not take. using your hosted control panel make all the folders read write. Remember to put them back to read afterwards.

Manual update"

Plug-in update hack:
If you are finding that plugins are not updating.

Then download site via FTPRun the update of the plugin (see above about rights)If it crashes then copy wp-admin folder back in its entirityRelaunch wp-admin see the plug has updated.