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Fixing winmail.dat problem - specifically in Quickbooks

For months we have had problems with attachments from Quickbooks. Having looked down many avenues I think we have found a fix or few: (See below for update)
Here are a few websites that help out:
Microsoft Outlook/Exchange MS-TNEF handling (aka "Winmail.dat", "Win.dat", or "Part 1.2" problem of unopenable email attachments)
KB958012 : When you use Outlook 2007 to send an e-mail message, the recipient of the message sees an attachment that is called Winmail.dat
Essentially the summary is that there is a problem with Outlook trying to force Rich Text Format. so you need to turn that off. Mail users not receiving email in an Outlook derivative will have a problem. This format is called
So: Go into OutlookOn the "Tools" menu, click "Options", then click the "Mail Format" tab, and then the "Internet Format" button.Set "When sending Outlook Rich Text messages to Internet ...&…

SMTP servers of South Africa

SMTP Settings
Below is a list of SMTP sites in South Africa, using this and the ISP Map you can try and find which one works best for you.

Telkom (ADSL) (56k dial up)
Internet Solutions (ADSL) (56k dial up on IS) (3g backbone) Vodacom
Cell C (GPRS) (also used by Virgin)
@lantic (ADSL,Dialup, ISDN)
MWEB (ADSL) - this is to be retired End June 2012, use below instead (56k dial-up & ADSL & business)
TiscaliNOW MWeb
NetactiveNOW MWeb

Hertzner Use your domain name in your SMTP eg. (smtp …

POST as form using C# to Pay Provider

The Remote Post Form class
I have used the code for the jigar site and added my own goodies, so all credit to him. Sorry about the flast formating but is the only way I could get a neatish post

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Web;

using System.Security.Cryptography;
/// <summary>
/// Remotely handle and Post form from
/// </summary>
public class RemotePost
private System.Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection Inputs
= new System.Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection();
public string Url;
public string Method;
public string FormName;

public RemotePost(string pURL)
// TODO: Add constructor logic here
Url = pURL;
Method = "post";
FormName = "frmRemotePost";

public void Add(string name, string value)
Inputs.Add(name, value);

public void Post()