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Quickbooks hosted notes: for Server 2014

When setting up QuickBooks on a server there are a few things I had to do to get it correct:

Install QuickBook's on the server under custom and sellect hosting You need the clients to access the dat using the unc path rather than a mapped drive
\\<servername>\\<sharename>\<folderWhereFileIS>\<QBFilename>You need to install the database system on the server, and then set the scan folders correctly (although this did not seen really neccessary)Run Quickbooks on the server and choose: File > Utilities > Host Multi-User Access The using windows firewall add incoming ports TCP,
Select TCP and in the specific local ports box, enter in the following ports: QuickBooks 2015: 8019, 56725, 55363-55367QuickBooks 2014: 8019, 56724, 55358-55362QuickBooks 2013: 8019, 56723, 55353-55357QuickBooks 2012: 8019, 56722, 55348-55352QuickBooks 2011: 8019, 56721, 55343-55347QuickBooks 2010: 8019, 56720, 55338-55342 Read more here: Quick books support