Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 - review

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Full-Screen Edition)Since the last movie, i have restarted reading the Harry Potter series, and can say it is still great. The difference is that now I am reading it to my six year old, we flew through the first book (half a chapter a night does that, and a few during the day since we were on holiday) and the seconds (never really my favourite) is going well too.

So after missing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on the big screen, and having been away I was reduced to seeing the movie at the Nu-Metro on the V&A. Now I am trying not to post negative stuff, but really are the joking!

The cinema was as long as a train couch, and in front there was a tiny screen, I felt I could have done better watching the pirated DVD at home (not that I have one, but I have heard you can get them). the sound was so not 5.1 never mind 7.1 so I will endeavour top never return to the NuMetro (I would email them my opinion, but they would ignore it anyway, like they did when I complained about the fiddling with store purchased DVD's that do not automatically run like Disney designed them, so that they can put their advertising on my legally purchased goods).

[side note - rant]
This is a side note but I am anti-piracy, since it will lead to the eventual lack of material, however these large companies really need to sit up and take notice, I have take my store bought DVD's and ripped the movies to memory cards, so that I do not have to watch their advertising.
[side note - ends]

Anyway, back to the movie. I really enjoyed the way they had adapted the book, I fully understand why they broke it into two volumes. I also like the fact that they used a few of the red herrings that JK put in the book.

On all aspects I thought he production was good, especially the lighting, and directing purposeful. the actors are looking a little more professional, after so much time in the industry already. The movie had the same moving speed as the book, steady in the beginning become slow, and then picking up pace. And I like that. They also selected a good place to stop, in fact when the scene started I thought, this will be a good place to stop.

So well done. I still think the forth movie was the best, but this was good, and well worth a view, even if it is just for the special effects :)

I did have a craving for a decent cup of coffee after though (I did not get popcorn because of the queues, so perhaps that was why.