Feeling a little depressed?

The Depression Cure: The 6-Step Program to Beat Depression without DrugsWhat makes you feel down, the scientist say it is a chemical that is released that makes us feel that there is little hope. Server depression is when you think there is no hope.

Now this can be a debilitating disease for those misfiring chemicals, but the person in everyday life has times of depression too. What is that caused by. How have we evolved to have such a strange almost crippling emotion?

Is depression there to make you want to better yourself, that sounds a bit strange since it can be so detrimental to believing that things can get better. I suppose we have evolved to feel depressed, but it is how we deal with it that is what makes us unique.

When I am feeling a little down I start thinking about how I can improve my lot in life. I remind myself that I have felt better, and this may just be a passing mood. The problem is that sometimes you think at the same time “hell yes, we believe you”. Depending what the cause is I slowly work round to how to sort it out.

There are some solutions though that in themselves can have side effects that can also cause depression. Solving relationship problem is one, dealing with a difficult person is another to name a few.

When trying to solve a problem it is easy to look for a non confrontational way to solve it. Go of to some external party and let them solve the problem in whatever way they can assist. This may have an effect on your relationship, caused by the temporary release you received from the third party, but it will not solve the problem, and may even cause a spiralling depressive effect since you continually need to go to the third party to get release.

I suppose writing down a problem, and creating an action plan may help, if you are that kind of person. Is there any realistic solution, I think you need to find one that works for you, if you can.

Written originally in Open Office