The future are we as South Africans doomed?

As a South African (and a proud one at that) my biggest bug bear with the country is its Internet bandwidth problem. In 1994 when I first started using internet, we were one of the early adopters and had the leg up to do our best in a new industry, and many companies took the opportunity to it provided.

However since then the world caught up and over took, and left us so far behind we cannot even see their dust. And all because of our national communications company Telkom or Helkom, which has done nothing for the man in the street and recently nothing for their share holders either. The government of the day was new, so it cannot be blamed. There are now two new upstarts, both financed by the government namely Neotel, and the Nation service provider. The problem is they are just not getting going. the throttled by Telkom at every corner, and their silent partner ICASA.

Recently I have been looking at what is coming in the future, and if South Africa cannot get access to proper broadband, which is an a none statement. It means faster than normal bandwidth. Well if normal is a 56k modem then we have something to worry about.

Until we can get moderate quality music and video as the man in the street South Africa, the computer sector of South Africa,and any sector that use computers (gee that would be all of the formal sector, and some of the formal sector) are crippled. Is this not why the large companies in South Africa have head offices overseas, so they can compete?

India saw the opportunity and look at their companies, they are truly part of the global village, even with China governmental restrictions they have taken advantage of the internet and have risen as a power.

If South Africa is serious about driving an African Renaissance then we need serious bandwidth available now, wireless access points and large pipes to Leather head and USA ports.

Oh well so much for winging, what can I solve, with that, the last thing I want to do is vote with my feet and leave, if NZ and Aus can get it right then we can.

Off my rocker? Lets have another cup of coffee and think about it...