Wells banana bread beer.

I find it fascinating that people go on about fair trade and organic, and then use flavourant. Surely complete lifecycle is no long a myth?

Anyway I did not buy this beer because it had fair trade bananas or because Wells use their own mineral Water to make it, i bought it because it sounded diferent. How can something taste like banana bread, good old Mom's (or country bakes to be honest) banana bread? Well it cannot. the banana flavourant is the dominant banana flavour, hands down. Fake banana flavourant tastes like caramel banana rather than good old banana. Why use "Fair trade" bananas and then add fake falvourant? I know juicing bananas does not produce much juice, but surely you can get flavour using a beter method.

Anyway enough about flavourant!

What is the beer like? Well not like banana bread! At least not any I have had. there is some caramel banana and it is interesting but it is interesting knowing that 98% or more of our body is space, and yet I am still identified by the none space.

Aroma: 8 - caramel tones
Flavour: 7 - beer
After taste: 8 - fake banana sweets
Morishness: 5 - you need to think about it
Will buy again: 6  
Total: 34

Actually scores lower than it thought it id not quite s disagreable as that.