Harviestoun Broken dial Amber ale

I am always a little bit nervous with the trendy beers and harviestoun deinately are one of these bearded ales. To me an ale should be inviting and enjoyable almost something to entice you to sit down and relax. The trendy ales are not in this category they like to surprise with almost red grapefruit and weirdness. 

Th broken dial is one such ale. Hiding behind the word Amber it is still more ipa than anything else. As far as I am concerned you need to be in the mood to enjoy the se beers. And today I am not. 

aroma: 7 - pungent 3 day old socks
Flavour: 7 - dirty laundry and I am not airing it 
After taste: 8 - and that is not a good thing. 
Morishness: 2
Will buy again: 3 - if there is nothing left besides an iPA that is worse
total: 27

I cannot go on any more about how much I dislike the modern IPA and this is no better, like a broken dial I will never learn not to order these I would rather drink castle. Let's hope the flowers do not die that I poured it on.