Johnny gold Weiss beer

I could not do a Weiss set of reviews without good old Johnny be gold. Bottoms take on Weiss was one of the early adopters of a German staple. Almost Apple freshness comes through the wheat and yeast, perhaps almost well enough to destroy the yeast over tones, but not quite. Although this one I tasted was in the bottle I have had the draft versions and it is awesome to have it available when the pricings are few. Maybe it is not my favourite Boston brew but it is in the top 5. 

aroma: 7 sweet subtle Apple
Flavour: 8 - no the weath and yeast come through
after taste; 8 - buttery and smooth
Morishness: 7 - probably because of the after taste lingering you do not need to dive straight in again
Will order again: 7
total: 37

It is a safe bet and easy drinking Weiss, when there ar elicited options.