Weiss beer review: Copperlake Hefe Weiss

Thought I would start doing some reviews on Weiss or wheat beers. These beers Re very distinct and Weiss beers are definitely an acquired taste. And once you have acquired them it is hard to stop. They are very drinkable.

A bit of explanation on this rating and the ones before, The Aromatic, Flavour and after tastel describe intensity of that item, so how much that sense is stimulated. Aroma is the smell, Flavour  the taste and after taste what is left after swallowing, no mater how much you love it. A score of 1 is smells like air, 5 is something. Is there and 10 is wow I cannot use that sense for the next 5 minutes. Then morishness is how much time you would allow to lapse before another sip. 1 is I did not have another sip, I threw it down the drain, 5 is after some time, 7 is when I felt thirsty :) and 10 is I downed it and got another without waiting.  

Will I buy again is if the beer is that good that I will buy again, 1 is only at gun point, 5 is I forgot and bought it by mistake, 7 is yep but only if there is nothing else available, 10 is I mortgaged the house and bought the brewery. 

So now Copper lake Weiss. This is a good Weiss but I think it is too bubbly in the mouth, the fruitiness of a typically Weiss is there but perhaps a little too sweet for my taste. Still it is an enjoyable enough Weiss. 

Aroma: 7
after taste. 7
Morishness: 7.5
will I buy again: 7
total: 36.5

Overall enjoyable with the sun going down, so there is a view.