Cedarbrew micro brewery. The chubby hard Stout

Stouts have a long history, and the most famous is Guinness. I am a Guinness fan, prefer the original stuff, but enjoy the drink a lot.

Stout was the first non larger I had, the first that made me realize that not all beer is the same. The smokiness and almost Liquorice in a stout is what makes it special. A lot of the modern micro breweries have steered away of the word stout calling it a porter instead, but that is like calling rose bland de noir which is the same damn thing. 

So how good is the chubby head?  Well quite good and probably a little too morish, I could definitely spend a bit of time getting aquanted with this one. I love the fact that they name their brews after local fish and like darling come in 550ml, so you get a serious drink. 

The smokiness of the stout is not over powering but it is definitely dominant and the Liquorice is subtle and the all round faste is comforting, I did not drink it warm, but believe it would be  great then too, but in winter when it is raining, I suppose I will just have to wait a few months ☺️

Aroma: 8
Flavour: 8
After taste: 8
Morishness: 9
Will buy again: 9

total: 42