How to list all open Estimates in Quick books

Every time you create an invoice and there is an open estiamte for that client, it asks you if you want to convert it, this is a great feature most of the time but sometimes what happens is that the client does not accept the quote or it changes or there is a reason the quote does not get taken.

To change this pop up you need to go into the estimates and manually close them. But that means you need to finsd them.

Here is a step by step way to do so:
  1. Click Reports->Customers->Open Invoices
  2. Click Customise Report
  3. Click Fitlers tab
  4. Remove Paid Status = No
  5. Add Estimate Active -> Yes (it is under the Fitler list)
  6. Click OK, 
  7. change the dates to suit
Then click on each estimate and close them.'

You can also go to:
  1. Reports->Jobs...->Estimate by Job
  2. Customize Report
  3. Add Estiamte Active under columns (if not there
  4. Under Filters Add Estimate Active -> Yes
  5. Click OK, 
  6. change the dates to suit