The new IOS 7 mainly visual changes.

I must admit after all the negative press I was worried about upgrading to the new IOS 7. My iPhone 4 may be old but I decided to upgrade it first. 

The download took well over an hour on a 4mb ADSL line (for those none Telkom SA users that is DSL). And after doing a backup in installed this was smooth but did take a bit of time. 

So what is all the fuss about? To be totally honest I do jot kown. The main thing that has changed is that icons form apple apps are different and look is similar to Vista's aero look with everything being transparent. The buttons that we got used t are replaced with language based buttons, so delete is replace with trash, the button bars are now like menu commands rather than icon based tool bars. 

As far as improvements are concerned, most of the changes are visual, I am sure that there are under the good improvements but the visual changes are what seems to be the main change. Zooming app buttons cool open app scrolling, and finally some multi tasking on the iPhone. Also so finger changes like swiping from the top does not give you notifications instead gives you more of an event look. The transparent folders and bar a re good looking. Also on the iPad it is clearer the 3D look when you tilt the screen is also cool. But jittery. 

Safari has Aldo been updated with new look and although not as clean as chrome is much better. 

The system font has been replaced with a thinner neater look, and you can adjust the size of this in the general settings. 

There is a new version of QuickTime which seems rework better, especially the fast forward button.

Battery life does seem to be affected but only slightly. 

I think it is a great adaption of the old IOS to look like the new Metro style that Microsoft has introduced. Which does seem to be a more logical way of using mobile and finger interface.