Integrative theory Levels - a Summary

From Ken Wilber has composed, I have extracted the below. Each area of development is normally mutually exclusive, except for the last stage which is inclusive. From the many minds of Trans personal Psychology and East-West studies, Ken Wilder and his colleagues have after 2-3 decades came up the notion of at least two different types of components of the mind, there are listed in a tabular form below:

Structures of consciousness (the way we grow up) States of consciousness (the way we wake up)
  • archaic
  • magic
  • mythic
  • rational
  • pluralistic
  • integral and higher
  • gross
  • subtle
  • cause based
  • pure witnessing
  • non-dual

These are both development sequences. Ken says that each state and structure sees the other states or structures as incorrect, or inferior to the current state, except for integral or non-dual, which sees all the states for what they are and how they are needed.

By the way structures are how we think, and states are essentially our level of spiritual awakedness.