Some things I have learnt, that are Easy Peasy, about databases and SQL Express

The is real 101 stuff, but though I would blog it anyway.

To create a new database is SQL Express:
  • Run SQL Server Management Studio (if you do not have it download it from Microsoft downloads)
  • Expand the connected database engine (if you are not connect to one then connect)
  • Then right click on the Databases folder
  • Click New database…
  • Then fill in a database name and ok
  • There is a new empty database.

The data type to use for a new table in SQL express that is autoinc

  • Create a new table
  • Type in the column name
  • Select datatype int
  • In Column Properties click the [+] next to Identity Specification
  • Next to (Is Identity) select Yes
  • If you want to make that the primary key right click on the row and select Set Primary Key

Oh and when you create a table it asks you to name it when you save it.