AJAX let's start again

So after doing stuff using AJAX and having now clue, I decided to start again.

Ajax: The Definitive Guide
I understood that AJAX did partial updates and it made for faster websites, since you only updated the part of the website the you wanted, rather than having to do a reload.

So after looking all over for an online tutorial, I remembered that MSDN is always a good resource, for Microsoft supported tech. W3 schools may be the answer for CSS and HTML but on MSDN is good otherwise.

So I found this: www.asp.net/ajax/videos.

And what a great resource, the videos you could say are old, but they work (with a little tweaking so do the the code.

After I have finished them I am gonna look for some cool AJAX form tools :)

Some notes:

  • The update panel has to important features:
    1.  the trigger control, for update of the panel outside the panel
    2. The update mode setting - Always or conditional, always means when all the other panels update and conditional means only when this one does
  • If you move an item programmatically into an update panel, it needs to be put in a Content tag, otherwise you get an error