Piracy faster than booking a ticket on Ster Kinekor's Website

Mood: Frustrated - hair in clumps on the floor!

In a recent post I compared the speed of booking online on the EXTREMELY SUB STANDARD Ster Kinekor site, on the mobile versus the PC. I was able to booked faster on my mobile phone then on my standard PC browser. I have however found one flaw with the online mobile site, you cannot select your seat. So in some of the movies you end up watching a movie so far away it is closer to what on your flat screen at home, and let us not even get on to sound!

So we finally have a night off so we can go and see the King's Speech. I climb online to try and book and after 30 mins the site is still loading, not the adverts thought they load instantly. The adverts are for the additional revenue, they obviously desperately need since the website does not work. Perhaps they should look at dis-investing in theaters and become an advert broker.

Anyway after pressing reload a few times I decided on another challenge. Is "pirating" a movie quicker than booking a ticket to see the movie?

So off I go enter in the kings speech torrent fast - Google Search, and hell I find a lot of links, all legal apparently. I click on few start downloading, select the one that is faster and sit back. Still checking the Ster Kinekor site to see if it has loaded.....

And after 15 minutes what do I see the torrent is beginning to overtake the loading sign on the Ster Kinekor site.

How can a website be slower than that? And I do not even get adverts on the torrent, and the popcorn costs less than R5 at home, I can even have a glass of bubbly and it still won't blow my budget.

And then they tell us it is a recession and no one is going to movies because of piracy. Hell yes. Perhaps my next test should be to order the DVD online and see if that comes quicker than booking a ticket on Ster Kinekor's site.

What is more than Pathetic? What ever it is that is what Ster Kinekor's site is.

TO ALL ARTISTS and PRODUCERS! I have a request to all the produces of great music and movies. Please provide us a way to pay you back for the great entertainment when the best option for us is to download the torrent of your work, since the companies you have tasked to do you distribution are so apathetic about new technology that they are crippling your sales.