Age is it all in the mind?

Magnificent Mind at Any Age: Natural Ways to Unleash Your Brain's Maximum PotentialSo I am told it is the nature of life that dives a process whereby we do and want certain things depending on our age.  Well I say stuff that. Our brain not our body is what drives us. Are the chemicals that existed in our twenties not the same chemicals and they should have the same effect on us.

I believe that we need to make a conscious effort to do what we want. To say we like and want X. And then do what ever we have to do to get it. Yes the body may not be able to respond and do what we wish it to do with the ease that we used to. But it surely can be trained to do as we like. So we have to work at the endurance of the physicality of what we want to do. But the only requirers time, to do that. Our body may be week nut we can train it to do our bidding so that we can do with it what we want. What we determine to be out need.

I believe that with the correct amount of training you can do what ever you want with you body to satisfy the needs you so require. Prove me wrong.